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Welcome to 'We're All Just Birds' a heartwarming tale written by Rasam Moghimi and beautifully illustrated by Sien Verschueren. 

Photo of Rasam Moghimi, author of 'We're All Just Birds'

"Hello, feathered friends! I'm Rasam, and I'm absolutely delighted to welcome you to the enchanting world of 'We're All Just Birds.' This rhyming journey will leave you chirping with joy! Along with my friend Sien Verschueren and an incredible team of super amazing and kind expert creatives, we've produced what we believe is truly a gem of a rhyming children's picture book and audiobook. We can't wait for you to enjoy it!"


Embracing our Differences

"I grew up in West Auckland, New Zealand, after emigrating from Iran in the 90's with my family when I was just a ten-month-old baby. As I faced discrimination, racism, and bullying due to my differences, I embarked on a deeply personal and challenging journey. This experience served as a profound inspiration to create a heartwarming tale that celebrates love and acceptance. Through my book, I aim to share that, at the core, we're all just 'birds' longing for love and understanding."

"After years of feeling like Weka, I decided it was time I wrote my first-ever book, a rhyming story about accepting others that children and adults all over the world can understand and relate to. The message in the book is delivered through the journey of the lonely egg and his adopted kiwi family, which is symbolic for me and my life. New Zealand is my home, and I am a kiwi. Through my character's courage, we learn that our uniqueness should be proudly celebrated, regardless of what anyone says to us." If you want to reach out to Rasam please feel free to contact him here.


Illustrations by Sien Verschueren

Image of Sien Verschueren, illustrator of We're All Just Birds.

"It has been so much fun to work all together to create this book. Rasam made a beautiful story and worded it so well. And Lina’s story board created the perfect foundation for me to let my creativity flow."

"All the illustrations are hand drawn and painted with watercolours. This made the process long but the result is worth it. Every 2 pages represent different places around the South Island, places I’ve been and seen and that inspired me. Last Summer I walked the Te Araroa, every day I painted the huts or landscapes where I spend the night. In the book there are a few huts repainted from my T.A. Sketchbook. I found my inspiration for all these paintings in New Zealand’s unique nature." Check out Sien's moving needle instagram page for more of her amazing art and tattoos.


The Magical Inspiration

The captivating tale of 'We're All Just Birds' took flight in the summer of 2021 in the lush rainforest of Laingholm in Waitakere, New Zealand. Born from a spark of curiosity, writer Rasam Moghimi's imagination ignited when he and his friends pondered a story with the question, "What if a family of kiwi adopts an egg that is different?" Later, amidst the leafy canopies, the story hatched in Rasam's mind, and the characters of our tale sprang to life, eager to share their song of compassion and unity with the world.


Original Art Design

Leks Lina - Original Art Concept Creator for We're All Just Birds

Lina Leks, with her imaginative storyboards and design concepts, laid the foundation for the visual splendor of "We're All Just Birds." She worked with Rasam on the original concept for the book and helped pave the way for Sien to expand the stunning world and create all the creatures and characters that you'll find in this magical tale. Lina is an artist, designer, and international marketing director who weaves creativity and strategic vision into every project she's involved with.


The Craft of Word Art

Picture of Jennifer Hines - Text Illustrator at 'We're All Just Birds'

Jennifer Hines' unique word illustrations add a melodic tune that resonates with readers, creating a harmonious and easy-to-follow journey through the pages. Jennifer's artistry adds a magical cadence, inviting readers to rhyme along and enjoy a delightful reading experience. Her hand-drawn illustrations complement Sien's incredible artwork, infusing this heartwarming tale with charm and captivating font. Discover a splendid blend of word art, as Jennifer's craftsmanship elevates the "We're All Just Birds" to new heights, making it a more engaging and memorable reading adventure. To see more of Jennifer's whimsical and colourful illustrations and lettering, please go to her website at www.jenniferhines.design


Join us on this magical journey as we celebrate the beauty of inclusivity and diversity in We're All Just BirdsOrder your copy now.